Wrap it up! - Harley-Davidson vs. Marquette University's Student Safety Programs
Through the use of my blog, I've explored disorientating dilemmas, organizational culture, conflict and communication.  These topics are topics that managers or supervisors should be interested in.  They can help to provide a better work environment for all stakeholders.  I am now going to compare informal and formal leadership structures in the context of Harley-Davidson and Student Safety Programs in my case study.  Please click here to learn more about leadership and what type of leadership Harley-Davidson and Student Safety Programs utilizes.  After visiting my site and looking through the blog posts and case study, perhaps you can take the information I presented to heart and use it to become a better manager or supervisor for all stakeholders in your organization, even you!  

Remember, as Casey Stengel once said, "managing is getting paid for home runs that someone else hits."   

Give your team the tools they will need, including an excellent manager or supervisor, to make sure they can hit home runs for you!  

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    I am a Junior at Marquette University enrolled in the College of Business Administration's Organization and Behavior (MANA 3001) class.  This blog is a way of applying concepts I am learning in class to the outside world.


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